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Rubber Check Dams

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Replaces Rock Sock Applications.png

Molded to fit perfectly into a curb line, the Rubber Check Dam has 22" of curb surface contact. Highly durable, the rubber check dam is perfect for high-traffic areas and high sediment areas.   These check dams are made with recycled rubber and can withstand constant assault of busy job sites


  • Resilient/Durable

  • Non-Permeable

  • High Sediment Capture Rate

  • 22" of Curb Face Contact


  • Curb Inlet Protection

  • Check Dam

  • Sediment/Erosion Control

  • High Wind


  • Easy Maintenance

  • Extremely Durable

  • Reusable

  • Made With Recycled Rubber

  • Low Profile


  • The unique design of this BMP allows it to be used on either side of the street assuring a perfect fit in flow line

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44" Long x 13" Wide x 3" Thick

Weight - 40lbs

Angle - 30 Degrees

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