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Perimeter Control/Back of Curb

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Krush Rubber Wattle

Includes: Krush Rubber Wattle

The Krush is placed behind curb to prevent washover while capturing sediment.  PVC Mesh fabric, will last longer than other wattles

Mods Available:  Custom Print

Mono Rubber Wattle

Includes: Mono Rubber Wattle

The mono wattle is the same idea as the Krush Wattle, but will be heavier per linear ft. Comes equipped with heavy duty handles for easy carrying and placement.


Includes: Sedi-Bloxs & Rebar Stakes

Tire of replacing BMPs that your own team drives over?  Requires 2" trench, pins go straight through at ends  to maximize effectiveness and minimize pinning.

Comes in 4' sections

Recycled Rubber Sock

Includes: Recycled Rubber Sock

The most economically priced and most competitive against traditional products.  Lighter weight per foot that our other wattle products.

Mods Available: Available in any* size

Inlet Protector Rubber Wattle

Includes: Inlet Protector Wattle

Made for high traffic areas, this wattle is economically priced and more durable than traditional products.  These wattles come standard in 8'-12' sections for long runs

Mods Available: Available in any* size

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