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Oil and Gas Utilities

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Mono Rubber Wattles

Includes: Mono Rubber Wattles

Our most common use for Oil and Gas are our heaviest wattles typically used for liners & runoff control. 

Can be used in series.

Mods Available:  Diameter - 11" XL or 9" Standard

Recycled Rubber Sock

Includes: Recycled Rubber Sock

Can be used in a variety of applications from runoff, to contamination control.

Can be used in series.

Mods Available:  Permeable/non-permeable RMUs

Krush Rubber Wattle

Includes: Krush Rubber Wattles

Easy to use and handle, long lasting, and by far our most popular wattle for utilities.  Can be used in various applications.

Mods Available: Custom Print

Eco-Vehicle Tracking Pad

Includes: Eco-Vehicle Tracking Pad

Easy to use and handle the EVT is a popular solution to vehicle tracking.   With a large 12'x15' footprint, it is one of the largest pre-fab mats available on the market. Alternating reinforced agitators made from, you guessed it, recycled rubber.

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