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Inlet Protector Rubber Wattles

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This System is made specifically for 'R-Type' & Curb Inlets where you constantly replace cinder blocks.  This System uses the same monofiliment fabric as the mono rubber wattle in combination with  Rubberosion RMUs.  The wattle(s) provided in this system are 6" in diameter and are light enough that it does not require handles.  It comes standard with permeable or non-permeable RMUs.

Inlet Protector Rubber Wattle (4).jpg


  • Woven Monofilament Geo-textile

  • Manufactured as Lightweight Wattle

  • Velcro/Sewn/Tied End


  • Inlet Protection

  • Stockpile Management

  • Curb Inlet Protection

  • Multi-Function BMP

  • Stand-alone or with RMUs

Inlet Protector Rubber Wattle (6).jpg


  • Easy Maintenance

  • Extremely Durable

  • Reusable

  • Made With Recycled Rubber


  • 5lbs/LF

  • 100 Gpm/ft2

  • Pliable

  • UV Resistant

Inlet Protector Rubber Wattle (7).jpg

Sizes Available

  • Length: 8', 10', 12'

  • Diameter: 6"

  • *Custom Sizes Available

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