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Rubber Check Dam

Includes: Molded Rubber Check Dam

To be used where rock check or check dams are required.

Sits flush against curb line to create seal with curb. Water flows the permeable product. 12" of curb face surface contact.

Mods Available:  Delineator center post hole optional

Krush Rubber Wattle

Includes: Krush Rubber Wattle

Choose between a 4' or 5' @ 7" diameter or a 3' Big Boy 14" diameter.  We mean big.  Create at much as 30" of curb face surface contact with our 5' Krush

Mods Available:  Custom Print

Recycled Rubber Sock

Includes: Recycled Rubber Sock

Trying to get away from rock sock?  This Recycled Rubber Sock is the perfect replacement.  Longer lift and easier to maintain than traditional products.

Mods Available:  Available in any* desired size

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